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BeatBurn Elliptical Trainer

Full body burn to the beat.

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Get the most out of your Elliptical workouts with BeatBurn! BeatBurn Elliptical is the first Elliptical Trainer in the App Store, combining lolo’s exclusive beat-sync technology with expert guidance from a personal trainer to put a whole new spin on your workout.

beat-sync analyzes the BPM (Beats Per Minute) of your music, selects the best songs from your iPod playlist to fit the intensity of your workout, then changes the beat on the fly, perfectly matching your pace.

Why does this matter? How does it help you? Research shows that music distracts the brain during exercise and faster music causes people to accept and even prefer a greater degree of effort. This means:

  • You will work harder without trying (or without even feeling the difference)

  • You will get better results from the increased effort

  • And most importantly, the time will fly by.


  • beat-sync shifts the tempo of your music to match your pace.
  • Includes 24 tracks of high-energy music (2-CDs worth)!
  • A real voice guides and motivates you through your workouts – not a scary computer voice.
  • Fill out your profile and BeatBurn designs the perfect program.
  • Your program progresses, every day is a new challenge.
  • Set your pace by RPM or Strides per Minute. If your machine doesn’t display either, don’t worry, the beat of the music will set your pace for you.
* Adjust your workout at anytime using the interactive graph.
* Track your history and share your progress on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Sync your workouts to the Health app.
  • Compatible with most bluetooth heart rate monitors.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of moving to the beat of your favorite song. That Saturday Night Fever strut? (YouTube it, kids) We wanted to have that feeling during every workout, so we built BeatBurn to dynamically change the beat of YOUR music to perfectly match your pace. Trust us, your workouts will feel easier even though you’re actually working harder and burning more calories.


BeatBurn continuously analyzes your workout and picks the best songs to drive you through a great workout.


BeatBurn features an interactive personal trainer whose voice guides you through each workout, giving you the tips you need to get the most out of your workout and the motivation to keep going no matter how tough it gets. BeatBurn gives you complete control as you move through your workout. Turn the intensity down a bit when you’re struggling or crank it up when you’re ready for more, and your trainer adjusts your workout - and your music - on the fly.


Whether you’re a beginner or an athlete, BeatBurn will design the perfect program to match your schedule and fitness level.


BeatBurn workouts change up the intensity frequently to keep it fun and exciting and most importantly, to challenge your body. Each program uses a combination of intervals and pyramid training to mix up the intensity.


BeatBurn keeps track of your intensity and calories burned, so you always know if you’re on track to hit your personal fitness goal.


Your personal network is key to reaching your goals. Share your successes with them through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Email.


BeatBurn runs perfectly in the background on supported devices.

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