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Yoga with Janet Stone

Let premiere instructor Janet Stone guide you through Vinyasa yoga and meditations.

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Let premiere instructor Janet Stone guide you through a vigorous-yet-sumptuous approach to Vinyasa yoga. This dynamic form of yoga flows from one posture to the next in rhythm with your breath.

Janet will be with you every step of the way through over 100 flows. You’ll never feel lost with over 5 hours of Janet’s expert audio instructions supporting your movements and over 3 and a half hours of video demonstrating perfect form. These beautiful flows are arranged into 6 practices that change each day and 4 practices that progress in difficulty. Routines for beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. The included Practice Builder also allows you to make your own sequences.


  • Over 3 and a half hours of beautiful video to guide your form.
  • Over 5 hours of audio instructions.
  • Nearly 2 and a half hours of yoga music provides the perfect atmosphere for your practice.
  • 13 five-minute meditations to help you find your center, relax and focus.
  • Over 100 yoga flows.
  • Practices designed for beginner, intermediate or advanced users.
  • 6 programs that change every day.
  • 4 programs that progress in difficulty each day.
  • Practice Builder: Create your perfect practice.
  • Track and share your results with your friends.

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