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7-Minute Workout (High Intensity Training)

Work your entire body in just seven minutes.

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Get a complete full body workout in just 7 minutes!

Based on the “Scientific 7-Minute Workout” originally published in ACSM’s Health and Fitness Journal and seen in the New York Times, but improved upon by the expert trainers at lolo.

One size does not fit all so we took the principles of this fast and effective workout and tuned it to anyone’s needs. Some people may find the original 7-Minute Workout too hard while others may find it too boring. We fine tuned this workout so anyone can get a safe, effective, and challenging workout, no matter their fitness level in just 7 minutes! Every workout will be customized to your fitness level and to the equipment you have available.

Each exercise includes a video you can view DURING YOUR WORKOUT, so that you can always double-check your form.


  • Get a complete full body workout in just 7 minutes!
  • 3 skill levels designed for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
  • Includes 200 unique exercises. Each one includes video, coaching points and audio guidance.
  • Works anywhere! With over 100 bodyweight exercises, so you can get a complete full body workout no matter where you are.
  • lolo’s beat-sync technology perfectly matches the tempo of your music to your workout.
  • Completely interactive. Swap out exercises to personalize your workouts. Increase or decreases the intensity at anytime and your trainer and your music will respond!
  • Sync your workouts to the Health app.
  • Compatible with most bluetooth heart rate monitors.


7-Minute Workout dynamically changes the beat of YOUR music to perfectly match your movements. Research shows that music distracts the brain during exercise and faster music causes people to accept and even prefer a greater degree of effort. This means you will work harder without trying (or without even feeling the difference), you will get better results from the increased effort, and most importantly, the time will fly by.


lolo Connect allows you to save your fitness results to the cloud, track your progress across lolo apps, and share your success with friends and family through social media.


Features an interactive personal trainer whose voice guides you through each workout, giving you the tips you need to get the most out of your workout and the motivation to keep going no matter how tough it gets. Plus you have complete control as you move through your workout. Turn the intensity down a bit when you’re struggling or crank it up when you’re ready for more, and your trainer adjusts your workout - and your music - on the fly.

Compatible with Bluetooth Audio

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