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GO - Meal and Fitness Tracker

Track your diet on the go with a single touch. Log your workouts (or log your lolo workouts automatically!). Visualize your performance and start building healthy habits.

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GO is the easiest meal and fitness tracker you’ll ever use.

Simply pick your color, pick your size… and GO! This elegant and finely crafted app offers one-touch meal entry that creates a visual food log more powerful, understandable and useful than typical calorie trackers.

GO plots each entry on an easy-to-read timeline in daily, weekly or monthly formats. This zoomed out view helps you see the big picture with a single glance. And when it comes down to it, your day-to-day habits are what really make a difference in your health.

GO can help you achieve your goals in the following ways:

  1. The visual timeline is eye opening. You’ll instantly realize your personal strengths and weaknesses. Are you eating too much at night? Eating too many snacks? Skipping breakfast too often? Not getting enough workouts logged on a weekly basis? One look at a weekly or monthly timeline, and you’ll be empowered to make changes that pertain to YOU and the intricacies of your lifestyle.

  2. You’ll find new motivation to stay on track. Why? Because you’ll naturally reflect on your choices. You’ll find yourself thinking: “I’ve eaten green healthy meals all day and I don’t want a huge red unhealthy meal on my timeline” Or you may have a spiraling out of control “red” day – with lots of unhealthy meals, and you’ll find yourself wanting to add something “green” to make your timeline look better. Trust us, this really happens.

  3. You’ll be consistent. GO makes it easy to capture the most important details in seconds. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s visual. That means you’ll use it consistently and make better choices more often – making you healthier with each positive choice.

GO is built on the science of practical, everyday life. Typical calorie trackers are rarely accurate because we all tend to underestimate our food intake, overestimate our activity and we rarely, if ever, have the exact weight/size/brand/recipe to enter, making the whole process “just a guess” anyway. The point is, most of know when we make healthy or not-so-healthy choices… what we really need is the motivation to make better choices - and the visibility to see the impact of our choices over time.


  • Enter meals and activities in seconds.
  • Integrated camera lets you snap pictures of your meals for precise meal tracking.
  • Interactive timeline shows daily, weekly and monthly views of your eating and exercise habits.
  • “How to Succeed” coaching section offers practical guidance on what behaviors to look for on your timeline and how to make healthy adjustments.
  • Syncs your results to the cloud.
  • Automatically plots workouts you do with other lolo apps.

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