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QuickFit - Workouts for Busy People

Your time is short so combine all your fitness needs into one incredibly effective app.

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Double the benefit in half the time!

Combine all your fitness needs in a single workout that will keep you burning calories all day.

Modern life is hectic and it’s hard to find the time for fitness. Exercise is about more than looking good (although that is a nice side effect). Squeezing fitness into your day has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, improve immune function, reduce your chance of chronic illness, and best of all, even though you just burned a bunch of calories, it actually improves your energy throughout the rest of the day.


Combining your cardio and strength training into one workout not only saves time, it drastically boosts the effectiveness. You’ll keep your heart rate (and your caloric burn) higher than you would have with strength training alone and you’ll tax a wider variety of energy systems than you would have doing cardio alone. The metabolic changes from this type of combined workout have been demonstrated to help you burn more fat throughout the rest of your day and prevent weight gain from overeating. You’ll improve your fitness, health, and appearance faster than you ever imagined.


• 3 skill levels designed for Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced exercisers.

• Includes over 200 unique exercises. Each one includes video, coaching tips and audio guidance.

• Each exercise includes a video you can view DURING YOUR WORKOUT, so that you can always double-check your form.

• lolo’s beat-sync technology perfectly matches the tempo of your music to your workout.

• Works with bluetooth heart rate monitors so you can see just how much you’re burning.

• Completely interactive. Swap out exercises to personalize your workouts. Increase or decreases the intensity at anytime and your trainer and your music will respond!

• Sync your workouts to the Health app.

• Compatible with most bluetooth heart rate monitors.


Research has shown that splitting your workout into smaller “snacks” is actually more effective than one continuous workout. QuickFit has a short bodyweight circuit workout to start your day off strong and amp up your metabolism for the day. You can even start from your bed and work your way to the floor as your mind catches up with your body. Use a Tone and Burn workout 3 to 4 times a week to bump up your fat burning even higher and really strengthen your entire body. As a bonus, QuickFit even includes a Relaxation Stretch routine to help you wind down from your busy day and improve the quality of your sleep.


Quick Start - Start your morning right with a fast and effective bodyweight circuit workout. It starts lying down so you can begin the program from your bed and work your way to your feet. It will speed up your metabolism for the rest of the day and studies show that people that start with a workout are more likely to make healthier eating choices throughout the day.

Tone and Burn - Burn some serious calories while you tone up. Even the cool down will keep you burning. By combining your strength training and cardio into one fast and effective workout, you’ll not only burn far more calories during your workout, but you’ll also burn extra calories while you rest.

Mega Tone and Burn - Same principles as the Tone and Burn workout, just more of it. Studies have shown completing a high calorie workout in the morning sets up your metabolism to ward off weight gain throughout the day, even if you overeat. Of course, this will also help you shed weight if you keep your eating in check.

Relaxation Stretching - A busy life is a stressful life and too much stress can really impact your sleep (which makes your stress even worse the next day). Take a few minutes at the end of the day to wind your body down and set yourself up for a terrific night’s sleep. The workouts start sitting and then slowly move to a lying position so you can do them in your bed to really help you relax.

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